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Don joined the CEGB in 1959, from the Post Office, which he had joined straight from school in 1943.

He worked in the Telecomms Section at St Albans GCC, Redbourn, at first for Peter Dyer and then Sid Norman. He retired in 1989.

He was part of the team, at Bletchley Park, which rebuilt the Tunny and Colossus Machines.

Don Skeggs Obituary
By the ROC

The picture shows the national ROC Aircraft Recognition Team 1954-55. L to R Earl of Bandon former CROC, Obs Nigel Price, Obs Pete Wallace and L/Obs Don Skeggs.

Don Skeggs
Tunny Rebuild

The rebuild of the Tunny machine was begun by Don Skeggs in the early 1990s in conjunction with the start of the rebuild of Colossus.
Work on Tunny was suspended after a few years and it was not until 2005 it was restarted.

Don Skeggs
Colossus Rebuild

Don is listed as being part of the Colossus Rebuild Team, although it is believed he worked mainly on the Tunny Rebuild.