Grid Bygones -- The 100th TTC Meeting

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Items from the 100th TTC Meeting held at Dinorwig Power Station on 29 September 1982.

Items supplied by Keith Drinkwater, Regional Telecomms Engineer, NE Region, who attended the meeting.

Commemoration Certificate
29 September 1982

A Commemoration Certificate for the 100th TTC Meeting at Dinorwig Power Station on 29 September 1982. The Certificate is signed by John Dillow, Richard Marsh, Gerry Carlton, Frank Crofts, Bob Lilley, Paul Donnelly, Keith Drinkwater, Mike Fleming, David Bayley, Ralph Smith, Fred Ashurst, Norman Pendlebury, Mike Collins and Richard Smith.

The Certificate also notes that 50 years previously, on 25 September 1932, the FIRST Grid Control Centre (called CIS's, Central Indication Stations) was opened at Broomhill Drive, Glasgow. For more information on this CIS, see the CEB section under Grid Control Centres.

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PCB Plaque

Commemorative Plaque in the form of a Printed Circuit Board.