Grid Bygones -- The 50th TTC Meeting

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Items from the 50th TTC Meeting held at ????? on 7 December 1961.

This 50th meeting was attended by members from ATE, GEC, STC and SSEB together with representatives from the CEGB.

Commemoration Certificate
7 December 1961

A Commemoration Certificate signed by J L Egginton (Chief Transmission Engineer?), G S Barnes, J Caldwell, W Casson, C H Chambers, J W Dillow, R H Dunn, ??, A S Baldwin, R W Field, ??, J G Fletcher, S J Godwin, Clandon White, P F Gunning, L Hayward, H B Holbrook, ??, LF Miller, E E Oakley, BH Paren, ??, ??, J M Ross, ??, ??, W W Smith, ??, D H Wain, F Warden, John Welch, E P L Westell.